bullets from wonderland

bombers over Baghdad
bullets from wonderland
life is just a bowl of cherries
aint democracy grande
kalyishnikovs in Kabul
50 cals in opium’s hand
we’ll train’m to fight their cousins
more bullets from wonderland
[talley-ban’s under ever’ pillow
was’nt osama tali-o-iban?
all them furneneers is terrist fellers-
go the bullets from wonderland]
some may say
life is strange
hell bound in lil handbaskets
but wonderland dont need no investigatin’
reports ’round Dover’s caskets:
that oil is we-the-empire’s
gotta let the pipelines flow
whilst talking heads spew the good news
– it’s a fair and balanced show
and uninformed we’ll go
the world just ain’t enough
open the gates of hell marines
wonderland’s done got real tough

copyright 2010

all rights reserved


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One response to “bullets from wonderland

  1. I think that was a great poem.

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